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capitalistpig presents / a film by jonathan hoenig

Pit Trading 101 Film


Step into Chicago's famed commodity pits during their heyday to learn the brutally physical and emotionally challenging world of pit trading, now virtually extinct.

Featuring: Mickey Hoffman, Stephanie Radkay, Michael Radkay, Don Cook, Jay Pearlman, Brian McGrath, Andrew Strusiner, Jonathan Hoenig, Bridget Byron.

Produced by: Jonathan Hoenig
Runtime: 22 minutes

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Trading Jacket


The wild blur of the trading jackets worn by the thousands of traders and runners circulating the crowded exchange floor has become one of the most familiar images of financial markets. Exchange rules required all floor personnel to wear them, and colorful jackets provide an easy way to distinguish “locals” across a large pit.

Our exclusive, personalized, fully-equipped trading jacket features hand-stitched custom patches and was created by the same company which has made the trading jackets found on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, Chicago Board of Trade and the New York Mercantile Exchange for over 35 years.

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Trading Cards


For over a century, pit traders tracked the purchase and sale of trillions of dollars worth of commodities with nothing more then simple hardened paper cards. In the late 1990s, the Chicago Mercantile Exchange itself spent upwards on $500,000 on blank trading cards.

Although virtually obsolete thanks to the advent of electronic trading, our personalized trading cards are manufactured by the same Chicago-based small business that's manufactured cards for Chicago exchanges since the late 1960s.

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The New Gatsbys

by Bob Tamarkin


The definitive account of trading pit culture, The New Gatsbys recounts the legendary trading floor exploits of the 1970s and 1980s floor mavericks who epitomized the heyday of commodities.

Among the fascinating tales: the trader who took delivery of 30 train cars of onions, Leo Melamed's infamous $1 million loss and the numerous traders who lost their voices (and minds) as a result of the intense physical and emotional stress of the pit.

This lovingly detailed account of larger-than-life renegades ranks among the most vivid books on speculation ever written. Comes with CQG stock charts, autographed by former pit trader Jonathan Hoenig.

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